Wood-effect cork flooring is a great solution

Many zealous owners are attracted by a cork floors with a wood effect, which looks very interesting, original, and creates the appropriate entourage. A few centuries ago, enterprising Europeans began to use cork as a finishing material. Ever since then, it developed into a global industry with many attractive options. The pioneers were the Portuguese since this type of wood grows mostly in this region of Europe. Since then, interest in such finishing methods has only increased.


Production of cork with an attractive wood effect

Modern technologies have greatly simplified the process of wood processing, allowing you to create smooth and embossed textures, imitate real parquet, laminate. Moreover, the material is natural and environmentally friendly. If you are interested in wood-effect cork flooring, there are dozens of interesting options to choose from. The materials are shock-resistant, which is achieved through the use of durable fiberboard.

Also, walking on a surface is pleasant, it can feel warm or cool depending on the temperature in the room and the body temperature of a particular person. There are various solutions: olive, light or dyed dark, shades of yellow. It will be possible to find any solution that will ennoble the bedroom, kitchen, children’s room and more.

Wood effect in cork floors and walls

The cork itself is quite tight. It is crushed, pressed, given the desired shape, and painted. Additionally, they protect against negative external influences by applying coatings of varnish, oil, wax. Such processing allows you to give any shape and texture. This is why wood-effect cork flooring is a win-win. It looks no less noble than expensive parquet, but it costs less. At the same time, it is also an environmentally friendly, natural solution. Convenient installation methods are also provided. Such panels are mounted using locks or glue. The result is an absolutely flat surface without the slightest chips or cracks.

This is the perfect solution for those who value sustainability. The effect of wood in cork floors will allow you to fully experience the naturalness of this finishing material.

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