Why people choose natural cork floors

The floor covers a large area in every room. And of course, it attracts attention to itself in the first moments after entrance. People pay attention to the floor and only then to the walls. However, it is worth considering how to equip the space. Not only in order to amaze others with the harmony of stylistic design. It is very important to understand that a person’s health, his physical and mental well-being. Depends precisely on the quality of building and finishing materials.

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That is why natural cork floors, which are so often found in European homes. They are also appreciated all over the world. Often, many brands that work with building and finishing materials pay attention precisely to the standards set by European manufacturers. Excellent natural cork floors are the best option for those who value environmental friendliness, but do not want to buy very expensive solutions, which are more likely to be classified as luxury.

Natural cork floors are unrivaled

The bark of the cork oak is highly prized. And the tree itself is considered truly unique. It sheds the bark, regenerates it naturally. The life span of one tree is on average 250 years, and during this long period it sheds its bark at least 25 times. High-quality natural cork floors are created using special technologies. First, the bark is crushed, that is, divided into granules of specified volumes. And then they are pressed, grinded, treated with protective compounds, that is, they carry out a rather complex list of manipulations. Of course, compliance with environmental standards is mandatory.

Natural cork for floors in all rooms

Thanks to such a careful and even reverent attitude on the part of the craftsmen, it is recommended to install natural cork floors in bedrooms, children’s rooms, living rooms, and study rooms. Since natural cork demonstrates excellent wear resistance, is a good heat-insulating, sound-insulating material, experts recommend treating floors with it in fitness halls, dance and sports studios.

Cork will serve as a natural floor covering for decades. It does not lose its visual appeal, smooth texture, is not a combustible material, is resistant to moisture and temperature changes.

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