Why natural cork floors are so popular

People pay attention to is the decoration, the interior, the floor and ceiling. Of course, the floor is quite large in area, and it immediately attracts attention. Natural cork floors are valued because they are aesthetically attractive, environmentally friendly. Many have heard that there is a tree that is called “cork oak”. Once every few years, its bark exfoliates, and the tree itself acquires a new one. The bark has really valuable and truly unique properties. That are fully revealed with careful processing.

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Natural cork for flooring

The cork is crushed, polished, pressed, it undergoes drying and other manipulations. All this makes it possible to guarantee that natural cork floors will be very smooth, pleasant to the touch, and it will be possible to walk on them barefoot. As a rule, it is not required to install a floor heating system, since the cork has good thermal insulation performance. This is also relevant in cases where it is required to minimize the noise level. Even if only floors are treated with cork, the noise level will decrease significantly. Often, panels are also used in the processing of walls.

Why Buy Natural Cork Flooring?

It’s hard to call it just “expenses”. Rather, it is a smart investment in the ecology of the house. Natural cork floors are found in commercial establishments, hotels, sports studios, shops, restaurants and bars. The composition does not contain toxic substances, for example, formaldehyde. The minimum service life, according to manufacturers, is at least 10 years. Yes, you will first need to level the floor, get rid of pronounced irregularities, and then you can confidently mount the cork and enjoy its smooth texture, aesthetic appeal of appearance. There are collections that involve print, that is, digital printing. It can be a charming ornament, abstract patterns, geometric shapes. Manufacturers are trying to draw attention to their collections, demonstrating their commitment to high European standards. Thanks to this, natural cork floors can be considered as a profitable investment in comfort, human-friendly microclimate.

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