Why Italian floors are beyond competition

It is the floor covering that first of all attracts the attention. It occupies a large area. So the main attention will be riveted to it in any case.


Quality Italian floors from Italian manufacturers

There are many leading European brands, but there are also leaders. For example, Italian floors a priori mean a synonym for quality. Quality means environmental friendliness, hygiene, chemical neutrality. Such floor coverings are ideal even for allergy sufferers and especially sensitive people. They are mounted in bedrooms, study rooms, children’s rooms and more. Filling the space with freshness and beauty.

Quality Italian flooring must be practical, with a lifespan that can last for decades. Natural materials are taken as a basis. A tree or some of its parts, for example, cork oak bark, acts as a base. These Italian floors get an extra shine thanks to varnishing, waxing, oiling. They must also be environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic. In any case, it will be periodically necessary to carry out disinfection or even full cleaning with the help of industrial cleaning agents and devices. However, this will not negatively affect the flooring.

The aesthetics of the Italian floors

Thanks to the surface treatment with varnish, it becomes moderately shiny, which ennobles the space. And also, Italian floors can be organically introduced into the classical style, baroque, modern, empire style, Scandinavian, country and a dozen other popular trends. We can say that this is a profitable investment in comfort, coziness, beauty of the home. Such floors will come in handy in non-residential premises, for example, they are often found in dance studios, gyms, salons, sanatoriums. Pathogenic microflora, for example, fungi or mold, does not multiply on the surface. Even if the microclimate is not very favorable and there are drops in humidity and temperature, this will not at all affect the environmental friendliness of such solutions. The Italian flooring brands are considered favorites in the European and global markets, and rightfully so.

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