Why it is recommended to choose cork parquet as a finish

There are various types of parquet, which differ in density, elasticity, hardness, processing methods. Cork parquet is also highly valued, which belongs to the category of soft floor coverings. For several decades, this type of finishing material has been in design trends. Which confirms its practicality, aesthetic appeal, and useful technical and operational characteristics. One look at the catalog is enough. To understand that this is an excellent solution for residential, non-residential spaces.


What are the properties of cork parquet

It creates a favorable microclimate in the room, since resins are present in the wood. They have the ability to neutralize pathogenic microflora, improving air quality. In addition, it is not at all necessary to completely cut down cork oak groves. The bark is taken as the basis, which exfoliates naturally, in its place a new one gradually forms. Thus, cork parquet will be appreciated by everyone, including environmentalists, supporters of respect for nature.

The composition does not contain formaldehyde and polyvinyl chloride, artificial inclusions that can worsen the microclimate. This is a completely hypoallergenic solution that can be used even in bedrooms, offices, children’s rooms and more. There are special types with additional protection against moisture.

Comfortable cork flooring with a long service life

Additional processing is required by applying thin layers of varnish, special oil or wax. This option is also suitable for those who appreciate the ease of installation. If you have minimal skills, then you can lay it yourself. Despite the elasticity, the lightness of the structure of the material is such that it is considered resistant to abrasion, that is, to active mechanical stress.

Cork parquet is resistant to shoe heels, animal claws or furniture legs. Parquet with a noble sheen will emphasize the impeccable sense of taste of the owner, organically fit into almost any stylistic concept when decorating a house. The service life is calculated in years, the minimum period is 10 years.

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