Why is cork floor attractive?

Unfortunately, cork floor are not as familiar to Europeans as classic parquet. Although cork has no less advantages. Its cost is more affordable than some types of parquet. The fact is that most consumers have little information about what exactly these materials are and how environmentally friendly they are.


Why cork floors are valued

As the name implies, they are created from fine crushed wood (cork). Which is pressed, processed, made very even and textured. And also, modern technologies allow you to apply a print. Paint in bright or delicate pastel colors. High-quality cork floor will form an organic tandem with neoclassical, Scandinavian, modern style, hi-tech, loft. Country and dozens of other concepts. It is versatile, and the visual appeal can be appreciated. The coating looks noble, emphasizes the special comfort and surroundings of the room.

Cork floors are installed in bedrooms and workrooms, children’s rooms. In fact, it is based on wood, that is, recycled bark of the Sicilian cork oak which grows in the Mediterranean forests, especially in Portugal, Spain and Italy. This means an optimal indoor climate, the ability to adapt to the ambient temperature. If the room is hot, the cork floor will feel slightly cool. And if the temperature is lowered, then, on the contrary, your skin will feel a pleasant warm sensation from cork.

Cork is an environmentally friendly solution

This is an environmentally friendly option, since it is created in compliance with international and European standards. In particular, the cork floor is subject to mandatory certification, which is established by the regulations adopted in the countries of the European Union. Additional strength is given to the floor by processing with oil, varnish or wax, a protective coating. This makes it waterproof, abrasion resistant, scratch resistant. A good cork floor is not afraid of shoe marks, furniture legs, animal claws. It retains color saturation even with prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This is a great solution for apartments, houses, offices, workspaces.

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