Why is a floating cork floor called that and why is it valued

People are drawn to environmental friendliness, practicality. This is truly the current trend. This trend is fully manifested when it comes to finishing, building materials. Floating cork floor is equally common in the homes of aesthetes, nature lovers, designers. And anyone who appreciates practicality, aesthetics, and quality. And yet, this option is chosen in cases where it is necessary to create an ideal surface. For children to play, play sports directly in the room.


Benefits of cork floating floors

The bark of oak is taken as the basis. Which exfoliates from the tree in a natural way. When collecting it, you do not have to act directly on the oak. Which lovers of environmental friendliness will appreciate. Such versatility forces designers to come up with various interior elements: panels, wall coverings. But, of course, the most common floating cork floor. Which looks noble in natural, artificial lighting. It organically fits into almost any stylistic concept: neoclassical or modern, hi-tech, country style and dozens of others, beloved by Europeans.

Why is cork flooring called floating?

This expression has taken root, because it means that the floor is elastic, soft. But it is impossible to compare it with carpet in softness. However, it will be much softer than regular parquet. A dark or light floating cork floor is additionally protected by applying several layers of wax, varnish, paint. Prints, patterns, symmetrical and asymmetrical geometric shapes look elegant. You can refuse to choose creative options and give preference to something as strict, concise, classic as possible. It is not difficult to install a reliable floating cork floor even in large rooms, which is already provided by the manufacturers. You only have to carry out preliminary standard preparatory work, level the surface, and then proceed directly to laying cork floors. The room will immediately change, sparkle with new colors and will look not just noble, but truly aristocratic.

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