Why floating cork flooring is popular?

In recent years, environmentally friendly, natural building and finishing materials have been especially appreciated. Accordingly, manufacturers offer a variety of options. For example, a floating cork floor is popular, because it is lightweight and practical. This is a special coating that, if desired can be dismantled. Moved to a new place but people appreciate it not only for such practicality.

floating cork

Why are cork floors called floating?

They are called that because they are really very elastic, plastic, mobile. Stepping on them, there is a slight vibration, softness. Of course, this does not in the least interfere with a fulfilling life. You can play sports on such a floor. Children can play on it calmly, feeling a pleasant warmth. Some people compare floating cork flooring to something in between ordinary parquet and very soft roll carpet.

This is not to say that these are very expensive solutions, because the top layer of bark of a cork tree is taken as a basis. It is a green solution that demonstrates respect for the environment. It is known that these tree varieties shed their bark at intervals of several years. Such wood material is perfect for subsequent processing, shredding and creating a full-fledged floor.

Cork floating surfaces are the best choice.

These are sustainable, smart solutions for residential and non-residential spaces. Quality floating cork floors are created by pressing. Crushed pieces of wood are processed, glued together, given the desired shape. Interlayers are added, it is possible to use other materials. The surface is covered with a protective varnish, painting is possible. Rather high environmental requirements are imposed so that the floating type of floor can be placed even in children’s rooms. Cork interior elements, finishing materials – this is not news, but a quite practical solution that has taken root in many countries of the world. Europeans who prefer environmental friendliness and economy will especially appreciate the comfortable cork floors.

These floors are not devoid of aesthetic appeal. The color is varied, but mostly users prefer natural tones, shades: brown, honey, rich dark, chocolate and others. Cork floors show good thermal conductivity values, so a person feels warm. Children love to play on this floor, and additional rugs are not required. These are fireproof materials due to special processing. Pathogenic microflora does not multiply on the surface, including such layers that are common in modern houses as: fungi, moss, mold. All this will indicate the low quality of building and finishing materials, but a floating floor made of cork is devoid of such disadvantages.

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