Why Cork Insulation Panels Are So Popular

There are no trifles in the arrangement of residential and non-residential facilities. That is why cork insulating panels are so actively used. Which serve as an excellent finishing material, an element for decorating the interior. They are created from the bark of a cork tree. Which mainly grows in the Mediterranean countries due to the humid, warm climate.


Decent cork panels, their useful properties

As the name suggests, they have good insulating properties. In particular, they absorb noise, do not allow sound to actively propagate. They are resistant to mechanical stress, abrasion, and are chemically neutral. Plus, it’s completely eco-friendly. In addition, cork oak does not have to be destroyed directly. As it sheds its bark naturally.

Perhaps this property makes cork insulating panels truly unique. Even if we compare them with wooden building and finishing structures, the choice will not be in favor of the latter. These products must be certified, since in Europe quite high requirements are imposed on building and finishing materials in terms of fire safety and hygiene. There are panels of different dimensions, they also differ in thickness. But, as a rule, their thickness is relatively small, it is a few millimeters.

Made from cork for residential and non-residential buildings

It is recommended to choose this option if you want to create the most healthy microclimate. In particular, some people are allergic, which means that it is these cork panels that are best used when organizing life. Yes, there are much cheaper analogues, but, as a rule, they are made of artificial materials. Vinyl tiles, linoleum, plastic are also in use, but all this is inferior in its properties to aesthetic appeal, natural solutions. At any time, you can buy cork insulating panels, even small, medium, large wholesale. This is also true for companies engaged in repair, decoration. It will not be difficult to choose something suitable, because the catalogs have a detailed description and even a photo, which will allow you to visually evaluate the future purchase: color, dimensions, relief, density, area, installation requirements, subsequent operation.

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