Why a beautiful cork floor is valued

Users literally disassemble any building or finishing material under a microscope. In order to identify advantages, disadvantages and conclude how much the price matches the quality. Yes, there are no ideal solutions. But the cork floor is not in vain considered one of the most attractive. Some people may say that it is not very pleasant to the touch and slightly rough, but this is only an appearance. In fact, manufacturers treat it with varnish to make it as smooth as possible.


Other features of the cork floor

You can choose dark or light colors. The color range varies from light olive or honey to dark brown. There is not one, but dozens of tones and shades. Including the cork floor differs in color depending on the growth of the raw material, that is, wood. And yet, the structure of the cork is fertile for coloring, varnishing, printing.

This solution will appeal to connoisseurs of environmental friendliness. You don’t have to cut cork oak to create the floors. Its peculiarity is that it loses the bark in a natural way in accordance with the natural cycle. The discarded bark will become a valuable raw material for creating decor. They also make a cork floor out of it. In addition, the coating can be disinfected, including with the help of chemical compounds, because the structure is reliably protected by varnish, wax.

High-quality cork floors for houses, apartments

The material is valued for its versatility. It is equally often found in houses, apartments, salons and boutiques. Plus, cork flooring is pretty easy to install. True, you will first have to prepare the surface, make it even, that is, carry out standard preparatory manipulations. A stylish visual effect is provided in natural, artificial lighting. And this is also achieved through the application of paints and varnishes. They perform several functions: they prolong the service life, give nobility to the appearance of the cork floor, make it soft, even, pleasant to the touch. This is a practical, durable coating that will take root in residential and non-residential facilities.

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