What is wood effect cork flooring and why is it popular?

There are many amazing trees that look great in the interior. The cork tree stands out in particular. It is valued for its unique properties. Which consist in the ability to shed the bark without harm to itself. It is used to create a cork floor with a wood effect and harmoniously place it in the interior. The composition also contains resins that disinfect the air. They have the property of glue, so it is not always necessary to add polymer compositions to create plates with the given parameters. If the cork is processed correctly, it will be a truly environmentally friendly solution.


Wood effect cork floors for any space

They will organically fit into the bedroom, office, children’s room, kitchen and more. They are often found in stores, sports studios, fitness centers, salons, boutiques. This wood-effect cork floor can be matt or glossy, depending on the specific finish. Manufacturers carefully apply wax, oil or other protective compounds. This makes the floor even more attractive, noble.

Such processing significantly prolongs the resource, repels pests. That is why the cork floor is not afraid of mechanical and even temperature influences, rodents and insects do not show interest in it. This is the best choice where you want to give yourself and your loved ones environmental friendliness.

Excellent wood effect in cork floor

There are various processing options. Including those that allow you to preserve the texture of natural wood. The surface is not too hard. Cork is a fairly soft material that easily recovers its shape. He is not afraid of animal claws, heels and shoe legs. Of course, you can count on numerous advantages only when buying original products. In this case, the cork floor with a wood effect will last for years, it does not need additional care. It does not lose its properties even when exposed to direct sunlight, as it is protected from ultraviolet radiation. This is an excellent choice for those owners who appreciate a good microclimate in the house, the aesthetics of the appearance in the finish.

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