What is good about the thermal insulation cork, its properties, and features?

The issue of thermal insulation in the process of arranging real estate. Is one that is absolutely paramount. Good performance is demonstrated by cork bark. On the basis of which a heat-insulating cork with optimal characteristics is created. Experimentally, data on thermal conductivity, the percentage of water absorption. The ability to withstand high pressure per square centimeter, and so on were proven to be the most competitive with cork.

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High-quality heat-insulating cork

It is used for various purposes, including interior furnishings, protection from external influences. It is a useful finishing material. Often there is such a thing as “thermal insulation cork”. Which emphasizes its ability to create a favorable atmosphere. Good quality in terms of sound, thermal insulation, fire safety has also been noticed. Therefore, if it is necessary to create favorable temperature, acoustic conditions, then it is worth choosing this particular practical option. In addition, it is completely natural, because the bark of cork oak is taken as a basis, which exfoliates from the tree in a natural way without damaging it. Subsequently, a new bark is formed, and the old bark is harvested and used for further processing by the qualified professionals.

Where is the thermal insulation type cork used?

Owners of commercial hospitality and catering establishments often pay attention to cork as an insulation material. They mount it in salons, clubs, shops and in various apartments. If the parameters of thermal insulation and acoustics are far from ideal, then the thermal insulation cork will significantly improve them. The wood is crushed to obtain granules, and then pressed, heat treated until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Due to this, it is possible to create an optimal density.

It is realized in the form of plates, rolls, plates of given dimensions. With the help of modern technologies, it will be possible to create not only standard options with a thickness of 2 to 8 mm, but also more impressive ones, for example, 50 mm and even more. Operation of this material is allowed at temperatures from -200 to +150 degrees. Not every building and finishing material can boast of such indicators. That is why the thermal insulation cork has proven itself well in all climatic zones.

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