What is a cork parquet and why is it popular?

Parquet has long been considered an ageless classic that is timeless. Yes, it costs a lot if you use solid wood. In addition, it cannot be said that this is the most environmentally friendly solution. That is why it is cork parquet that is becoming more popular. Which, as the name implies, is made from the bark of a cork tree. At the same time, the oak itself is not cut down. Since it naturally sheds the bark and overgrows with a new one.


Features of high-quality cork parquet

It is lightweight but durable. The bark of the cork tree is subject to mandatory processing, grinding, pressing to give the desired thickness and elasticity. It is allowed to paint over it, apply a print, patterns. As a rule, the thickness of the sheets is a few millimeters, for example 6 mm. These are waterproof, natural materials that open up a lot of possibility for designers.

If you look at the numerous photos online, you can see that the colors change, there are also very creative colors like red, burgundy. Stylish cork parquet will please the eye, give comfort. And yet, it is hypoallergenic, so it is recommended to pay attention to this particular option in cases where a person has allergic reactions, and the use of lower-quality finishing materials is simply impossible.

Other benefits of cork parquet

It is allowed to use household and professional cleaning products, because the texture is waterproof. Even if there is prolonged contact with moisture, it will not hurt. Although it largely depends on the quality of the styling. During installation, the joints must be absolutely tight, for which a special sealant is used. It is in this case that you can be sure that the cork parquet will not swell when in a humid environment. The same high requirements apply to fire resistance. This is achieved through processing. Even if exposed to sources of open fire for a long time, the material will not spread the flame, exude toxic emissions into the environment. Also, it does not require difficulties in subsequent care, does not attract dust, static electricity, that is, you can take care of it like a regular floor.

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