What is a thermal insulation

If you want to equip the space in the most efficient way. The thermal insulation cork will help.

The issue of thermal insulation, sound insulation is quite acute. In many houses, apartments, hospitality establishments, sports studios, shops and so on. Wherever a person is planned to be, it is necessary to create a favorable microclimate that has a good effect on physical and psychological well-being. So, it is worth paying attention to such a useful and practical material as thermal insulation cork, which has unique properties. It maintains the optimal temperature in the room, levels out sounds, that is, it creates a feeling of privacy and tranquility.


Quality cork with thermal insulation properties

Saving heat is relevant for many residents of houses, apartments, for business owners. That is why finishing, building materials must be chosen especially carefully.

It cannot be said that it is heavy or very dense, but it retains heat well and allows air to pass through. What makes it so unique is its porous structure. Here it is possible to draw an analogy with a honeycomb. Cork does not accumulate static electricity, it does not attract dust. It is easy to dry, wet cleaning using household and professional cleaning compounds. You can process it with brushes, sponges, a vacuum cleaner with washing nozzles. This will not affect the aesthetic appeal and useful technical and operational characteristics.

Home improvement with cork and love

This is an ideal solution for a bedroom, a children’s room, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. And here it would be appropriate to recall that the most impressive technical and operational characteristics are demonstrated by products from European manufacturers and especially Italian ones. In this case, the operational resource will be more than 10 years. It is possible to periodically update the surface, treat it with varnish, carry out accurate grinding or completely paint over. Thermal insulation cork does not cost too much, because complex technological solutions are not implied. There are many videos, articles, photos on thematic forums that clearly demonstrate what this essentially unique material looks like when it is new, and after several years of use.

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