What is a cork panel, its properties

A variety of finishing and building materials allow you to process not only the floor. But also walls, ceilings, and create decorative interior elements. Cork panel is relevant as it is used most often for preparing laying on walls. It is durable and prone to self-healing after strong mechanical stress. It is thanks to this elasticity that this self-leveling ability can function so well.


Why is a cork panel good?

In addition to the above advantages, it has a low weight, but good strength. The material does not absorb odor, microparticles of dirt and dust, and has good fire safety parameters. Plus, it’s easy to install the panel. This cork panel is often found in bars, restaurants, apartments and studios. It counteracts the growth of moss, fungi, mold and is hypoallergenic.

As you can see, there are many advantages. And also, it can be decorated, made brighter, or you can simply apply several layers of reflective varnish, preserving its natural texture and charm. Panels are usually mounted on walls, organically fitting into the interior. The surfaces are preliminarily prepared, leveled, that is to say: all the usual procedures are carried out.

Beautiful and durable cork panels

Such solutions are often found in Europe, where environmental friendliness is especially appreciated. It is important to decide on the thickness, dimensions. If you need a cork panel, then you should choose a suitable option in shape. Sometimes manufacturers offer the material in the form of rolls, there are squares, hexagons that resemble honeycombs. According to the application, the panels can be divided into adhesive, technical, floating, which are mounted with locks, special gaps. Cork chips or veneer made of the same material is taken as a basis.

There are different processing options, and it is the design variety that makes the panels even more attractive. They can be light or darkened, with increased thickness, that is, more than 2 mm. Basically, the thickness does not exceed 8-10 mm, however, in any case, the cork panel will be light, which is due to the special properties of wood. The cork tree is valued all over the world precisely for its amazing properties.

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