What are cork insulation panels?

Each finishing material has its own indicators of thermal insulation. Sound insulation, environmental friendliness, and so on. Cork insulating panels are of great interest due to the uniqueness of their structure. It is a natural material that consists of a porous structure. Thanks to this, such unique properties are possible.

cork insulation panels
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What is Cork panels?

This structure provides microscopic cavities inside. The elements from which cork is made are very interesting themselves. The composition contains layers of cellulose and air chambers. It is based on a special kind of oak, which heals and restores itself. In accordance with the cycle started by nature. The oak sheds its bark at intervals of several years. This is a natural process. Designers create cork insulation panels from this bark that have proven their useful properties in practice. In particular, the fibers are resistant to abrasion, they have good insulating properties and heals the atmosphere in the room, neutralizing pathogenic microflora.

It is known that if everything is done according to the rules, then this significantly reduces the risk of fungi, moss, and mold in the room. High-quality cork insulating panels, moreover, do not accumulate static charges, they do not conduct electricity and practically do not burn. They are also used for internal insulation: anti-vibration, thermal, sound. This improves the quality of housing or other object, makes it comfortable.

Large volumes of panels made from cork

Some entrepreneurs prefer to buy large volumes, because there is always potential for future demand. Various cork insulation panels come in different thicknesses. Modern technologies make it possible to create very thin solutions of a few millimeters or impressive, thick ones, whose thickness exceeds tens of millimeters. You can learn more about thermal conductivity, density, compression limits, flexural strength, tensile strength, heat capacity, operating temperature, elasticity, coefficient of thermal expansion.

As you can see, specialists have already carried out measurements, experiments and have indicators of dozens of parameters inherent in insulating panels. And yet, the indicators of steam conductivity and many others are known. Yes, such a cork material is really impressive in its parameters.

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