Products of Fomentarino are made from cork oak which grows in Sardinia, Italy. The manufacturing is done in one of the most advanced factories in Europe. The production entails a combination of the latest technology together with the aged, traditional values of cork craftsmanship.  

However, the warranty does not cover the damages to the floor that occur as a result of inappropriate operating conditions, or in the case of mechanical damages such as: chipping from an impact, scratches or cuts from moving the furniture.

To preserve the quality of our products and prolong their service we highly recommend the following:

  • Sticking the protectors underneath the legs of the furniture ;
  • If you are using furniture on wheels, check to see if the wheels are made from elastic materials that do not leave scratches or cuts
  • Keep to the permissible humidity levels within the space ;
  • Do not allow sharp increases or decreases in temperature, higher that those specified by the manufacturer.

Remember that cork products are made from an all-natural, elastic material that requires a thoughtful attitude and regular care.

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