Wall cork is a right solution for design-oriented consumers

The interior of the room immediately catches the eye. Especially floors, walls, due to their large area. Designers have developed practical solutions for such cases. Wall cork will help transform the space, which has long taken root in the homes of aesthetes in Europe and around the world.


What are the features of cork designed for walls?

This is a solution for an interior design. It is easy to install, fire-resistant, resistant to mechanical stress. It is extremely nice to the touch; the surface of furniture and other decorative elements can come into contact with it. To the touch it is perceived as very warm, soft, elastic. A wall cork is created from the bark of a cork oak, which grows mainly in Portugal Spain and Italy. The bark naturally moves away from the tree trunk, and a new one grows in its place. Masters process the bark, crush it, press it, give it different shapes. It can be an impressive roll or panels with specified parameters.

Cork for walls in residential and non-residential buildings is relevant. Often, owners of bars and restaurants resort to this solution because they want to create a special entourage in the halls, but at the same time do not forget about practicality, hygiene, and fire resistance. Even if you press on the cork with force, it will smoothly restore its shape. Also, wall cork lends itself well to painting. It is painted in bright colors, classic beige, pastel, patterns, images of animals, flower buds are applied. As you can see, the imagination of designers does not dry out.

Wall transformation with cork

This is a reasonable solution for the arrangement of city apartments, country houses. Yes, it is necessary to prepare the surface before starting the installation. It is necessary to remove any bumps, dents. After the wall is prepared, you can proceed to the next step. If you follow the recommendations from the manufacturer, then the wall cork will delight you with the aesthetics of appearance, not even for years, but for decades. From time to time, you can apply new prints on it, paint it, treat it with a special varnish. Everything will look noble in natural, artificial lighting. Just look at the photo in the catalog to see how great the variety from modern manufacturers is.

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