Universal solution – cork with a quality finish

There are fashion trends that are clearly visible in interior design. There is also a classic that never goes out of style. Of all the variety, natural cork stands out, which can already be attributed to the classics. Although various trends in terms of design can be traced here. This material is very fertile for creativity. Cork looks good with prints and drawings. Also in a fully dyed form or only when processed with a translucent varnish.

Natural cork Pietra Argento

Features of cork in the interior

It cannot be said that they use it solely out of the desire to decorate the room. It also performs purely practical tasks. This material perfectly absorbs noise, retains heat, that is, it has decent sound-proofing, heat-insulating properties. Natural cork is elastic, soft. That’s why it is often chosen for floor treatment in a children’s room. Yes, it is necessary to protect it from direct contact with piercing-cutting objects, fire. However, this is typical for the vast majority of construction and finishing solutions.

If the cork coating wears out, then it is quite easy to update it, transform the top layer. And in this, natural cork differs, for example, from laminate, which requires more attention. This is an absolutely environmentally friendly solution. Regardless of the temperature, humidity in the room, outside it. The coating is smooth, even, tight, pleasant to the touch. You can easily walk on it barefoot, feeling a smooth texture, pleasant warmth.

Cork, created from high-quality natural materials

In the Mediterranean region, cork oak grows in large numbers. The climate is especially favorable for him in Spain, Portugal. And some other regions of Southern Europe. It sheds the bark in a natural way, which goes to further processing. The result is panels, panels, large-area solid flooring and much more. It is known that natural cork serves as the basis even for the creation of eco-friendly shoes. And if this amazing natural creation is effectively transformed by the hands of designers, then the result is a work of interior art, and not just a building or finishing material. Be sure to pay attention to a variety of collections, appreciate the richness of textures, colors. You can buy natural cork on our website fomentarino.com

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