Unique Qualities of Cork

So where do all the qualities of cork come from? To answer this question, we need to arm ourselves with a microscope. Let’s take a very close look at how it all works.

Qualities of Cork

The composition of the bark has a cellular structure: it consists of many very small capsules in the form of a honeycomb which are filled with a gas which has a different composition from the air we breathe. This structure is responsible for its extremely low thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. What qualities of cork do we use in the construction of our living spaces?

Cork quality

  • Suberin. A substance that helps to connect cork particles. And granules to each other under heat and pressure
  • Lignin. A substance that gives cork the properties of an excellent moisture insulator.
  • Tannin. A substance that plays a large role in giving cork its color.
  • Seroid. Water repellent substance.
  • – Polysaccharide. It is contained in extremely small quantities. Which makes the qualities of Cork not attractive to insects.

A mix of these substances found in the bark of cork oak also affects the set of physical and chemical properties of the final products made from the material. The final benefits include: Water resistance, resistance to decay, and incombustibility.

Did you know that the cork is not combustible? It only smolders, emitting a non-toxic smoke, unlike modern synthetic materials: laminate, vinyl tiles and PVC coating.

A truly qualities of cork property is its antistatic nature. Due to its natural structure, cork does not conduct an electric current and does not accumulate static electricity. Therefore, dust does not easily settle on

its surface which is beneficial to people with allergies as well as everyone who doesn’t like to regularly clean the floors.

If you didn’t know, we inform you that it is the potential difference between positively and negatively charged ions that makes dust particles move in a certain direction and “magnetize” to certain surfaces. We have all experienced this in rooms with carpets or laminate flooring, observing mini electrical discharges under our feet or on our clothes

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