The style and aesthetics of Italian cork flooring

Features of the Italian cork flooring.

Cork has alluring characteristics that make it the favorite among a wide variety of flooring choices. This kind of cork flooring for an interior is not only an attractive. Environmental friendliness, lightness and high rates of sound and heat insulation. Make this coating an excellent solution for use in any room. Such a floor looks harmoniously and naturally in any interior. And it also adds comfort, coziness and warmth to it.

Italian cork flooring

The use of Italian cork flooring.

This type of floor will look comfortable everywhere. In the office, the kitchen, the nursery, living room and even in the bathroom. You cannot be afraid to lay such a floor in a place that has a high moisture content. And where there is a possibility of contact with water. In the manufacturing process, they resort to digital printing. Which allows you to get all kinds of color and texture effects for cork materials. Therefore, they can appeal to both lovers of classics and lovers of modern interiors. The cork floor does not have a very large variety of colors. While at the same time it has a huge range of visually charming color tones of brown and yellow.
New methods in work make it possible to create all kinds of silhouettes and pictures on the cork floor, while the main properties of the coating remain completely intact.

The value of Italian cork flooring.

Compared to different categories of flooring, cork is an undeniably expensive material. The reason for this is, first of all, the organic nature of the raw materials, which are limited in natural conditions. Cork oak is localized in a very narrow area, every year there is an opportunity to produce as a whole, a limited amount of primary material, adding here a complicated manufacturing mechanism, it becomes clear that such a cost is very reasonable.
Products from our Italian brand are a corporate identity that will give an individual touch to your apartment.

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