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Italian cork floor will be appropriate, which is well known throughout the world. If we talk about the arrangement of the floor in a residential or non-residential premises, then there should be no compromises with ethics and quality. Basically, the cork tree grows in the Mediterranean region. Spain, Portugal and some other regions in southern Europe. It is noteworthy that the bark exfoliates directly from the trunk in a natural way. At the same time, it has good properties in terms of chemical neutrality, abrasion resistance.


Why Italian cork floors are so valued?

Environmental friendliness, beauty, reliability – these are the main qualities that make these solutions truly leading. This is a much more practical option. Better than tiles, linoleum and some types of finishes. The originality of origin makes these finishing materials special. High-quality Italian cork floor means a variety of colors. In favor are classic colors like brown, chocolate, black, bleached oak, caramel. Although the designers did not stop there and created wonderful creative collections. Including those with bright, saturated colors.

Aesthetically pleasing Italian cork flooring is excellent at absorbing sound. Even a shelf or dishes that have fallen to the floor will not disturb people, because the sound of the fall is perfectly leveled. And yet, the cork retains heat, that is, it is an economical material in terms of energy consumption. Ecology, energy efficiency, aesthetics – that’s what Europeans value and prefer.

Cork Italian floors for residential and non-residential facilities These are hypoallergenic solutions. This means that you can install Italian cork flooring in a house or apartment, in a salon, in commercial, office spaces. There will be a place for him even in gyms, dance studios, shops, hospitality establishments, where it is so important to emphasize a special entourage. Yes, at a cost such a floor will be more expensive than other analogues, but the price is quite reasonable. The duration of the operational resource is calculated in decades, and the external attractiveness will speak for itself if you look at the catalog and appreciate the luxury from European manufacturers.

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