The future of cork forest

Cork forest are a real miracle gifted to us by nature. The forests grow in the Mediterranean region, with Portugal being the leader in the number of acres of cork forest. About 33% of all cork oaks are located in that part of the world. Other significant parts of cork forest are located in the countries of Spain, Algeria, Morocco and Sardinia.

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The cork Oak tree grows very slowly. After only 49 years, it is finally possible to begin harvesting its bark. It is possible to do it again but only after another 9 years!

Cork is a renewable material; however, its renewal is a very slow process. Countries so everything to protect cork forest. In Portugal, a law prohibits their cutting which dates to 1209. Each of the trees is listed in the special register because of its intrinsic value.

The need for cork, however, is growing.

The production of wine, construction and design materials, shoes, machines, tools. And mechanisms all require cork in some of their parts. Sadly, there has been a trend of a depleting reserves of cork worldwide. In the North African countries, the laws protecting and conserving the forests are not fully obeyed. The forests in Spain, Portugal and Sardinia also suffer due to fires some of which area caused by human causes but also natural climate changes.

Prices on the raw cork continue to grow due to frequent shortages and occasional failures to raise the crops.

Nevertheless, the peak of popularity of decorative cork has not yet come, according to Fomentarino. Natural materials will continue to appreciate every year be it wood, noble stone, cork or natural fabric. We believe that the price of natural surfaces will also continue to climb. Consumers that understand the trends might do an early investment in cork walls covered in natural fabric. The further humanity goes with its trends, the more expansive those goods become. As for cork, choosing it as an indoor surface finish is a right decision. It does not rot, insect cannot eat it, it does not burn which makes it safe for your home.

Cork is the future of décor!

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