Stylish and practical cork floor

The cork floor is also deservedly popular. The owners of houses and apartments are happy to show photos. Showing a smooth texture, noble shine, and even surface. Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of finishing materials, including for floor maintenance. Look within home renovation and building forums as well as professional construction communities. It is easy to see what a fierce debate is going on about which coating will be more environmentally friendly, aesthetically attractive, and abrasion resistant.


What are the features of cork flooring?

Cork oak bark is an excellent material for designers to implement a variety of solutions. Colors: dark or light brown, olive, black, with a grayish tint. Which looks attractive and interesting. On specialized sites, you can find the opinion of some interior designers. That it is for such solutions that the future in the design of spaces lies.

High-quality cork flooring is resistant to abrasion, shoe heels, furniture legs and even animal claws. This will also be appreciated by those owners of houses, apartments, townhouses and commercial areas who have to deal with the presence of animals indoors, with intense mechanical impact.

Why are cork floors still valued?

This is an environmentally friendly solution, because the oak itself remains intact. After a few years, it sheds the bark and regenerates it naturally. And yet, the cork floor allows you to realize a variety of design solutions, prints, colors. Such amazing designs will take root in children’s rooms, bedrooms, offices, commercial establishments like salons, shops, fitness studios and apartments. As you can see, the list is quite impressive. There are new, creative colors but the designers also make use of the timeless classics. Cork floors look great in natural or artificial light, that is, in almost any direction of light. Creative owners of real estate objects and those who prefer neoclassical style will not be disappointed.

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