Should you choose a natural floor?

It is worth paying attention to the natural floor. Parquet or parquet board, cork and some other variations, each of which is good in its own way. It cannot be said that it will be very expensive. Since the competition in this segment is quite high. This means that manufacturers will mainly focus on the middle price segment.

If you look at what modern manufacturers offer in terms of construction and decoration. It becomes obvious that there is a huge variety of solutions. But people’s craving for naturalness is noticeable. Which guarantees a favorable ecological microclimate in the room. Accordingly, this will positively affect the well-being of a person.


What are natural floors made of?

As a rule, wood, cork bark is in favor. However, much depends on the methods of processing, grinding, protection from rodents, insects. It is important to make sure that the natural floor is resistant to abrasion. Which invariably occurs when it comes into contact with furniture legs, shoes, and animal claws. For this, environmentally friendly protective compounds are used: varnishes, wax, oil. Such processing also gives a special aesthetics, emphasizes the nobility of appearance. A glossy or matte sheen that is pleasing to the eye appears. It is appropriate to use natural flooring not only in offices, bedrooms, halls, but also in many other rooms.

Why natural floor?

If everything is done according to the rules, then the materials will perfectly absorb third-party sounds, they will not emit toxic substances. And yet, this is an excellent solution for thermal insulation, which has recently come out on top in terms of user requests. If the natural floor is of high quality and its subsequent installation was also completed in accordance with all the rules, then it is quite possible to expect a long service life of decades.

If any section is damaged, then it can be carefully dismantled, replaced, without completely disassembling the entire structure. And yet, it is allowed to treat the floor with cleaning products, washing vacuum cleaners, even chemical compounds, without fear for the loss of an attractive appearance.

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