Reliable and durable Italian cork floor

European brands producing finishing materials have long been out of competition. They are guided by other brands that want to produce truly high-quality products. The Italian cork floor is highly valued. Which is often found in the homes of Europeans and aesthetes around the world. However, it cannot be said that they value it solely for its visual appeal. In favor of environmental friendliness, naturalness and respect for nature.


Benefits of Italian cork floors

They are created using special technologies. The companies have been operating in this segment for hundreds of years. Some have developed into real brands from modest family workshops. That is why Italian cork flooring is synonymous with quality. It is made from the bark of a cork tree. It peels off once every few years. Everything happens naturally, so the tree does not disturb its natural growth cycle. Of course, you have to work extra hard to give the floor a nobility. To make it truly attractive from an aesthetic point of view.

Italian cork flooring to transform a space

They are created in such a way as to facilitate styling. If we talk specifically about the cork tree, then thanks to the elasticity, you can buy the material not only in the form of panels, tiles, but even in rolls, which will make it easy to process large areas. Of course, it is difficult to imagine an Italian cork floor without an abundance of colors, prints, and decorations. Symmetrical and asymmetrical geometric shapes, knitting, modern motifs are applied, there are also more strict classics. The connection is possible with the help of glue, special locks. When choosing, you need to specify the thickness and length of the panel and other components.

Italian cork floors are bought by specialized workshops offering repairs, finishing, and retail sales. This is a natural composition, it does not contain phthalates, that is, harmful components like formaldehyde, polyvinyl chloride. It is due to this that hypo allergenicity and chemical neutrality are achieved, which improves the microclimate in the rooms. Cork is able to recover from strong pressure, and in this it outperforms some other finishing solutions.

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