Practical and noble natural cork floor tiles

Natural cork is very common in houses, apartments, dance studios and other places. It is made from the bark of a balsa tree, respecting nature. The fact is that this is a unique variety of tree. That sheds its bark approximately once every 10 years and regenerates again. And each oak has a lifespan of over 200 years. It becomes clear that during this time a large volume of bark is collected. Which people then use for further processing.

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Attractive natural cork floor tiles

The material is moderately porous, elastic, durable. But at the same time pliable in terms of processing. This natural cork floor tile looks very organic. It is combined with different styles, emphasizing the individuality of the room. Of course, numerous technical and operational advantages can be counted on only if high standards of grinding, drying, cutting, painting are observed. Of great importance is how carefully the installation is carried out.

First, you need to prepare the base of the floor, make it even. Also, make sure that there are no previous materials left on the floor, pieces of furniture or anything else that can complicate the process. If everything is done according to the rules, then natural cork floor tiles will not fade, its service life will be calculated in decades. Additionally, it is treated with protective compounds, PU-varnish is applied in several layers. That is what gives it dullness, glossy shine and other wonderful shades.

Quality natural cork for flooring

The floor is really even, the tiles fit tightly to each other. There are several ways of fastening, including an adhesive base. If you are interested in floor tiles made of natural cork, then the choice will be huge, including in terms of a variety of colors. In most cases, people prefer natural tones and shades through which the natural texture is visible. Stylish floor tiles made of natural cork will create a good indoor climate, make the air healthier, because it has the ability to neutralize pathogenic microflora. This is a profitable solution for the treatment of residential and non-residential spaces, a reasonable investment in aesthetic appeal and the quality of the surrounding space.

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