Fomentarino SRL is a family organization working to supply the market with ecologically friendly, design and decoration materials, produced from the Sardinian cork oak, known for its exceptional quality and century long use. We have a history of working with cork that reaches far into the Christian tradition of our grandfathers that lived and worked in the Sant’antonio di Gallura region of Sardenia.
Through their strenuous hand labour, Gino and Giacomo Fomentarino became the first specialists in their craft. The old-fashioned work ethic and respect for the earth, allowed them to instil a piece of nature’s comfort and harmony into our way of life.
Starting from the corking of wine bottles, they continued to create, applying the material to wall and floor surfaces of their home. The unique nature of Sicilian cork, together with inventiveness and the relentless desire to innovate remains to be the spirit of Fomentarino.
For many years, the work of Gino and Giacomo was highly regarded in northern Sardinia. The locals knew that honesty and hard-earned beauty was always central to the Fomentarino brothers.
Following their attitude, the later successors moved the production to the continent, with a dream of making it available to the rest of the old world. We are now working in close contact with well-known Italian designers, to produce an extra-ordinary line of products that greatly differs from every other brand in the cork market.
The manufacturing is done in the province of Lombardy, right beneath the Alps and in vicinity to the Lake Como.
Fomentarino adheres to the highest quality standards in accordance to the preference and the acute taste of the Italian customer. Our aim is to do everything possible for the client to be pleasantly surprised and thankful for the cork products made by Fomentarino.

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