Natural flooring in the interior is not a luxury, but a necessity

The naturalness of finishing and building materials today is not at all a luxury. People are tired of everything artificial, unsafe, capable of causing allergies. Therefore, often in houses or apartments there is a natural floor. It can be a very dark color, such as chocolate or almost black. Olive, light tones, amber and caramel are also often chosen and loved. You also have the option to delicately combine several color schemes at once.


What are natural floors made of?

They are created from different materials. But a lot depends on the processing technology. Compliance with environmental standards even at the zero cycle. That is, at the stage of selecting raw materials. They make a natural floor from the bark of a cork tree, which is also a universal option. You can not think that such floors are made out of one, solid piece. The composition of such floors is a lot more complex.

In fact, several layers are used to improve the technical and operational characteristics and extend the service life. For example, a substrate, a slab, then directly pressed cork, you can apply natural veneer, a digitally printed coating, a protective layer of varnish. Despite the need to follow a rather complex algorithm of actions, such a natural floor will be really environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, chemical neutral. It can be safely placed in studios, dance halls, sports clubs, apartments.

High-quality natural floors with a long service life

They are made resistant to abrasion, vibrations and other external influences. Surfaces are treated with compounds to protect them from rodents and insects. In addition, such compositions, for example, varnish, significantly ennoble the floor, give it nobility, which immediately transforms the entire interior in the room. A high-quality natural floor does not exude third-party odors even when exposed to direct sunlight. It retains its properties with changes in temperature, humidity in the room. Thanks to special processing, it practically does not support combustion, does not spread flame, and largely absorbs sounds. It is very pleasant to the touch, so often people prefer to walk on it barefoot. It is also mounted in children’s rooms, since children will also be pleased to play on such a floor, enjoying its smooth texture.

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