Natural cork is a versatile material for heat and sound insulation

Natural cork is one of the most popular facing and insulating materials. It is made from tree bark without the use of additional synthetic substances. It is considered environmentally friendly, safe, not subject to decay, mold.

Natural cork
  • The cork is supplied to the consumer in sheets and rolls.
  • Sheets and rolls differ in thickness and size.
  • The cork corresponds to the B2 class of fire resistance. And the degree of noise absorption within 17 dB.

It is indispensable in those cases when it is necessary to increase heat or noise insulation. To exclude echo in the room.

Types of natural cork: roll and sheet.

Cork in rolls is most often produced in a width of 1-1.4 m, has a winding up to 10 m. It is used as a substrate with a thickness of 2 to 10 mm. It has a moisture content of no more than 7% and practically does not deform. For example, crumpled material regains its shape in 1.5-2 minutes. It can withstand heavy mechanical loads, the weight of furniture and even appliances. It has excellent sound insulation, and can also be a warm base for parquet, laminate, linoleum, parquet boards.

Sheet material is no less popular; natural cork with a thickness of 4/6/10 mm is considered in demand here. The products are produced in the form of sheets 64 cm wide and 94 cm long. They are suitable for effective sound insulation of walls, various overlaps, ceilings and floors. It absorbs not only noise, but also vibration, which many buyers pay attention to. Sheets have a higher density than rolls; they do not require preliminary alignment during installation.

Material advantages.

The cork practically does not conduct heat, has an antistatic effect and is inert to the effects of ultraviolet radiation. It is a truly versatile material that does not absorb moisture and retains its performance even in cold weather.

  • Due to its unique structure, the material can withstand increased loads, it quickly restores its shape in places of bending, crease.
  • The cork is easy to cut during installation.
  • It does not deform and does not wear down even in a state of active operation.

You can use natural cork in living accommodations, basements, mansards and garrets. The only limitation is industrial facilities, where there are special conditions for the operation of the finish.

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