Natural cork is a practical solution for homes and beyond

Cork floors are becoming a real hit of the season. They are created from the bark of cork oak. Which does not grow in all regions. It mainly grows in Portugal, because the climate of this region is quite humid.


The advantages of natural cork.

This is an environmentally friendly finishing material. It is very attractive in appearance, has a different pattern. Everything that is created by nature is unique in terms of texture, beauty, pattern. Natural cork is appreciated as a unique finishing material. That is suitable for furnishing a bedroom or a children’s room, even a kitchen, a study. And also, cork is often found in gyms, educational, educational, medical and rehabilitation institutions. Wherever beauty, environmental friendliness, and practicality are valued.

The bark of a tree is crushed into very small pieces, then it is processed, pressed, glued, and coatings are made of optimal density, elasticity and thickness. Therefore, natural cork is an impeccable finishing material, even where intensive use is expected. Yes, it is not too cheap, but this is more than compensated for by the aesthetics of appearance, natural color, noble properties that create a favorable microclimate in the room.

Quality cork of natural origin.

It is a little soft, but strong, which is why it is sometimes called “floating”. You can apply a print on its surface, skillfully play with flowers. For example, brown will be darker or lighter, making it look like real parquet. If natural cork is really of high quality, then it retains an even texture throughout its entire service life. She is not afraid of changes in temperature and humidity, does not require special care, and goes well with any design concepts.

And also, it is hygienic, does not promote the growth of mold and moss. The cost of natural cork is more than offset by good thermal conductivity, abrasion resistance, and the photos presented in the catalog will tell you about the aesthetics of the cork.

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