Natural cork is a practical and reliable solution for houses and apartments

Many people have heard about a natural material by the name of cork. Which once again confirms its growing recognition and popularity. Also, many have heard about the cork oak tree. The bark of which is taken as a basis in the production process. This oak is truly unique as its bark can be peeled off  and used to create interior materials whereas the tree itself acquires a new one.


Manufacturers create various design elements and finishing materials on the basis of this natural raw material. Thus, natural cork will become the basis for creating a favorable environment in the house. You can cover very large spaces with cork and do so in a short period of time. Everything will lie neatly and evenly, pleasing the eye for many years.

The specifics of natural cork

Of course, production is a rather complicated process that requires modern specialized equipment, a careful approach, and thorough selection of raw materials. Oak grows in Spain and Portugal as well as in some other regions. It grows especially well in a typical Mediterranean climate, where entire plantations are known to deliver economic, social and environmental benefit.

Cork has a rather porous texture, which is why it is so light. It is also elastic, easy to color in bright or neutral colors. A thin layer of varnish is applied on top, acting as a protective coating. If everything is done according to the rules, then you can guarantee the absence of moss, mold or fungi.

Why choose natural cork

Do not save on finishing materials. In addition, natural cork is not the most expensive type of finish. It is crushed, pressed, given the desired shape, thickness. It can be tiles, panels, comfortable rolls. By the way, if necessary, such a coating can be dismantled, replaced, partially restored.

And yet, after numerous treatments, natural cork becomes very resistant to moisture and fire. It demonstrates good heat-insulating, sound-proofing properties, looks elegant, organically fits into the interior. The catalog presents a wide variety that will leave few indifferent. Cork is hypoallergenic and chemically neutral. As you can see, it has a lot of advantages, and therefore you should definitely consider choosing it for your home office or better yet, gym.

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