Natural cork floor tiles is a popular finishing material

Floor tiles made of natural cork, which is found everywhere. It is unpretentious in care, looks organic in any interiors.

Naturalness in decoration and construction is not a tribute to fashion. But a necessity, since a person is too actively exposed to negative environmental influences. If we add here unsafe interior solutions, decoration, then the situation will be even sadder. Fortunately, manufacturers are creating worthy alternatives. That can be used in both residential and non-residential areas.

Floor tiles from natural cork

Essential natural cork for floor tiles

The cork tree is well known all over the world. Although it grows only in some regions with a very warm, humid climate. In Spain, Portugal and some others. However, the reason for such popularity is quite justified. It is unlikely that there will be another tree that also sheds valuable bark and overgrows with a new one. This means that there is no need to cut down the cork oak. It will allow a person to live. Equip a home in accordance with natural harmony. As a result of relatively simple manipulations, natural cork floor tiles are produced to a high standard.


  • It does not spread the flame, pests, rodents do not show interest in it.
  • not lose color saturation and noble luster when exposed to direct sunlight, exposure to ultraviolet radiation.
  • It would be possible to list its advantages for a long time, and it is these features that have made it so desirable in apartments, country houses, salons, offices, boutiques, restaurants and more.

It is worth paying attention to tiles made of natural cork

Yes, this unique finishing material should not be overlooked. It has good soundproofing, heat-insulating parameters. And yet, floor tiles made of natural cork are light, elastic, it is quite soft, keeps its shape perfectly, and recovers even after strong indentation. Of course, they add advantages and processing technologies, since protective layers, varnish are applied. The print is carefully applied and stained. This is a painstaking work of masters, but the result is a real work of design and interior art. Such a floor tile made of natural cork will become the main advantage of a house or a restaurant, it will last for decades without losing its attractiveness and elasticity. You can buy natural cork on our website

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