Natural cork floor tiles are a practical and sustainable solution

Cork oak is a unique tree that allows you to create a variety of building. Natural cork floor tiles are very popular, which are created in accordance with modern technologies. Manufacturers make tiles of strictly specified parameters; it can be perfectly square, rectangular, elongated.


Quality floor tiles made from natural cork.

Such a coating is remembered, it immediately attracts attention. The cork, taken as a basis, is processed, crushed, heated. It also undergoes pressing, additional protection, varnishing, coating. Natural cork floor tiles will have a multi-layer structure. Each layer of which plays a different role. It perfectly repels water, does not absorb it. You can disinfect it, clean it. From this the evenness of the texture, smoothness, elasticity will not change for the worse.

Stylish floor tiles made from natural cork will take root in houses, apartments, gyms, salons and more. It exhibits good thermal insulation, does not spread fire, and does not absorb odors. This is a completely environmentally friendly solution that can be installed even in bedrooms, children’s rooms.

Why choose natural cork for your flooring?

It can be considered that this is a profitable investment in environmental friendliness, good indoor climate and comfort. This is not to say that the material is very hard, since the crushed cork itself means elasticity. But it is very durable, abrasion resistant, it is not afraid of UV exposure. The variety of natural cork floor tiles from leading manufacturers means a wide variety of colors. There is a natural texture, unique natural lines formed naturally on the bark.

Natural cork does not release toxic impurities into the atmosphere. Quality floor tiles are easy to maintain. And even if unforeseen circumstances occur, it will be possible to neatly replace the desired area without dismantling the entire floor. The tiles are designed in such a way as to adhere tightly to each other, forming a completely homogeneous, airtight coating.

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