Long-lasting wall covering as a way to save on repairs

The owners of apartments and housing buildings reasonably strive to make high-quality repairs. That will delight for many years. It is better to overpay once for good material. Qualified installation than to constantly invest in an interior that quickly becomes unusable.

wall covering

Ovptions that are used as wall covering:

  • staining. This method is practical in operation. As it naturally shows a higher durability. For example, in comparison with the widespread gluing of wallpaper. There is also a specialized anti-vandal paint that looks exactly the same as ordinary paint. But has dirt-repellent properties, is not at all afraid of moisture and ultraviolet radiation. Basically, these are silicone and acrylic paints. They can be washed with gentle cleaning agents and a non-abrasive sponge.
  • wallpaper on a non-woven basis. More durable than cheap paper, moisture resistant. If necessary, you can even overlap with paint up to 5-6 times.
  • ceramic tile. The most durable material, will allow you to create a creative design not only for technical, but also for living rooms. It washes well, with correct installation it never chips, it is weakly exposed to mechanical stress.
  • finishing with MDF boards is a fairly modern wall covering, therefore, imitation of leather, wood cut and stone is possible in production. Creates excellent sound and heat insulation of premises. Due to its thickness, it is resistant to various damages and has a sufficient service life. It is popular in families with children and animals.
  • decorative plaster. Such wall covering itself implies the application of material using imitation of scratches and relief. This is done using a special float to create symmetrical or, conversely, chaotic patterns.
  • cork covering.

Modern wall covering materials.

In the modern production of building and finishing materials, there is an emphasis on environmental friendliness and durability of coatings. Consumers are gradually abandoning the use of budget materials, paying more attention to the quality and sustainability of, albeit more expensive, products. One of the options for such coatings can be Italian cork floors. On our site you can find a wide range of cork coverings at the most attractive prices.

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