Italian interior coatings are eco-friendly materials from Europe

Every interior deserves to be beautiful, practical and environmentally friendly. The last criterion is subject to the highest requirements. Especially when it comes to European brands. Italian interior coatings made from natural materials such as cork are highly prized. The bark of the cork tree is familiar to many firsthand. Although this is just one of the many design options.


Why interior coatings from Italian brands are valued

Finishing and building materials from Italian manufacturers have long been considered the highest quality. They perfectly resist negative external influences. Manufacturers make them resistant to abrasion, high humidity, temperature extremes.

It is important to pay attention to the originality of the products. Unfortunately, due to the high popularity of this type of finishing materials. Counterfeits appear that do not differ in genuine quality and safety. There must be certificates confirming the originality of origin, compliance with European and world environmental safety standards.

Variety of Italian interior coatings for residential and non-residential properties

Someone chooses, focusing on color, texture, density, elasticity. Taking cork bark as a sample, it meets numerous standards. Such an interior coating guarantees durability, the service life is calculated in tens of years. If necessary, it will be possible to replace any fragment of the floor without dismantling the entire surface. The texture is even, the coating itself can be more rigid or relatively elastic, soft, like floating.

Reliable Italian interior coatings are successfully sold in dozens of countries around the world. They are especially appreciated by Europeans, who give preference to environmentally friendly counterparts, on which mold and fungi do not multiply. In addition, natural interior coatings release microscopic resin particles into the environment, which disinfects the air, has a beneficial effect on human well-being, and creates a good microclimate. Houses, penthouses, apartments, apartments, offices, salons, sports, dance studios will be transformed if you choose worthy solutions from leading Italian brands.

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