Italian cork flooring is a European quality standard

Good cork floor will delight owners for years and even decades. Modern manufacturers offer many solutions, sometimes it even makes it difficult to choose. However, among all the diversity, there are recognized leaders.


Cork floor from Italian manufacturers.

It is this floor that is one of the most popular solutions for the arrangement of residential. Non-residential premises. The cork tree grows in some regions of southern Europe. It is beautiful, practical and environmentally friendly. Of course, other requirements regarding the manufacture of the coating are also met. Italian cork flooring can be compared to a true piece of design art. There are brown shades, lightened or darkened, with a varnished surface, matte.

The cork is the recycled bark of a special oak. In this case, the tree itself does not die. It is unique in that about once every 9-10 years. It sheds the bark, which becomes the basis for the manufacture of cork. Other components are added, exposure to temperature occurs. The upper part is treated with protective compounds, varnish. As a result of painstaking work, an Italian cork floor is obtained, which is rightfully considered the standard of quality. It is created in the form of boards, a solid coating, in the form of tiles.

Italian cork flooring.

It can be safely recommended to everyone. Main qualities: environmental friendliness, chemical neutrality, hypoallergenicity, good sound insulation, thermal conductivity. The surface is warm, pleasant to the touch, does not contribute to the reproduction of moss, mold. It is allowed to be cleaned, disinfected, that is, treated as the situation requires. Matkrial is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, abrasion. Yes, the Italian cork floor is more expensive than artificial counterparts, but this is more than offset by its naturalness, environmental friendliness, beauty, and a variety of design solutions. It is a little soft, elastic, so it is not surprising that some people compare it to carpet. It really feels similar, but in terms of strength, the cork floor wins significantly. At any time, you can purchase a variety of color variations, get acquainted with the technical and operational characteristics, the nuances of styling, and subsequent care.

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