Is it worth installing cork insulation panels

Environmental friendliness in interior decoration is unrivaled. Including kitchens and bathrooms. There are numerous reviews on the net that prove how high quality cork insulation panels are, which is often used when decorating spaces. They are created from the bark of cork oak, which has truly unique properties. The bark, in accordance with the natural cycle, changes, exfoliating. That is why it was decided to use this natural splendor for eco-friendly and beautiful panels.


Cork insulation panels

It cannot be said that they are very hard, comparable to solid wood. Their elasticity is related to production technologies. The cork is ground, crushed to the desired parameters. Resin is also involved, which is naturally present in the composition. It is also dried, pressed, given the necessary shape.

Thus, cork insulation panels can be called truly environmentally friendly. They are very smooth and pleasant to the touch. Yes, someone can say that they are perceived as embossed or a little rough, but this is a purely visual effect. In fact, everything is carefully polished, additionally the surface is covered with several layers of varnish. Lacquer gives nobility, protects from insects, rodents.

Quality of insulating cork panels

You can count on full quality only when purchasing original products. In this case, it will be uniform in density, moderately elastic. Also, manufacturers guarantee a uniform distribution of color, pleasant to the touch with its texture. Original products have an increased operational resource. Yes, there are very cheap analogues for covering spaces, but cork insulating panels are much more environmentally friendly and more practical than artificial solutions. In addition, they create a favorable indoor climate, having a good effect not only on the human respiratory system, but also on its immunity. This option is chosen by the owners, whose houses are decorated in the style of neoclassicism, Scandinavian style, modern, high-tech. 

Cork does not attract attention to itself and is unlikely to become the central element of the interior, but it is precisely for such neutrality that it is valued the most. It covers the floor, walls and creates some decorative elements.

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