Indoor natural flooring is a must

Today no one will be surprised by the requests of prudent owners regarding construction and finishing materials. Which are characterized by maximum naturalness. It includes not only the use of natural materials. But also their appropriate processing: drying, grinding, painting, impregnation with protective compounds like wax, varnish, oil.

natural flooring
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What quality natural floors should be

Basically, manufacturers use wood for such purposes, any of its parts. Even bark will do, as is the case with cork floors. It is obtained by processing the bark of cork oak. Which has the ability to recover. Thus, natural flooring will not only be safe and environmentally friendly. But it is quite possible to speak of a sparing attitude towards nature. Which Europeans value so much.

And also, natural flooring provides optimal acoustics. It is easy to use, and is able to withstand significant loads. Including there should be no splits, microcracks, traces of animal claws, heels, furniture legs. The original design, a variety of design solutions are appreciated.

What else does naturalness mean in modern floors?

Plus, the absence of any chemical third-party odors is appreciated. The presence in the atmosphere of a light smell characteristic of natural wood is possible, but any dyes, varnish coatings should not remind of themselves. Of course, a natural floor is the maximum closeness to the natural texture. However, materials can be painted in bright saturated colors. That is why, in residential and non-residential spaces, floors are often found in snow-white or black colors, with prints and patterns applied. But this does not detract from their environmental friendliness.

A neat natural floor will last for decades thanks to proper sanding, adherence to the rules of installation and subsequent use. The description in the catalogs indicates the dimensions, thickness, elasticity, parameters of resistance to compression and tension, the ability to withstand high temperatures, moisture. As you can see, numerous characteristics will be quite enough to choose the optimal solution for arranging a bedroom, study, living room and more.

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