How natural cork floor tiles are made

There are many different varieties of trees that are considered favorable for improving indoor climate. For example, oak, walnut and many others. The bark of the cork tree stands apart. As it exfoliates from the tree in a natural way. It is it that manufacturers use to create interior elements, decor. It is worth buying eco-friendly solutions such as natural cork floor tiles. Which are easy to install, durable and resistant to abrasion. Of course, this is not all of its advantages, but only the most basic ones.

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How floor tiles are made from natural cork

Much attention is paid to the quality of raw materials. It is crushed to the desired parameters, undergoes pressing and other types of processing. This allows you to create samples of the same parameters with amazing symmetry. High-quality floor tiles made of natural cork are always in demand. This is not is just a fashion trend that will disappear with time.

It is known that cork quickly became fashionable several decades ago. And since then interest in the material has increased. It is found in the homes of Europeans, but you can often see it in institutions on the North American continent, in Australia and beyond. Oak grows in strictly defined regions. This tree species is very fond of the hot humid climate of the Mediterranean: Portugal, Italy, Spain and some other fertile regions.

Why choose natural cork

When choosing floor tiles for someone, the decisive factor is that no trees are harmed in the production of these finishing materials. Some focus on the environment. The composition does not contain harmful resins, formaldehyde and other inclusions. Decent quality floor tiles made of natural cork are absolutely hypoallergenic, it remains so even with changes in temperature and humidity in the room. In addition, it is really easy to lay it if you follow the recommendations from the manufacturer. If everything is done according to the rules, then it is quite possible to count on many years of impeccable service. If a section is damaged, it can be easily replaced without dismantling the entire damaged piece.

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