How is cork floor different from a floorboard?

Cork flooring is more and more understood by those who are planning renovations in an apartment or a house. And as it turns out, this is no coincidence, as floor cork has several distinct advantages over traditional wood floors or modern laminate or linoleum finishes. What is cork floor tiles and why are they gaining popularity so quickly?

Safety and comfort

To begin with, cork tiles are excellent at retaining and transferring heat. That is why it is recommended to lay it in a warm house, where there are no problems with heating. Otherwise, it may undergo deformation, especially if significant temperature differences are possible in the room. However, a cork floor at a comfortable room temperature gives a feeling of coziness, especially in nurseries and bedrooms, where most often they move barefoot. At the same time, the cork for the floor is non-slip and moderately soft material, which is doubly valuable when decorating children’s rooms, in which careless movement of a child can lead to a fall and injury. Another advantageous property of cork floors is their absolute environmental safety: natural oak cork does not contain harmful fillers, does not cause allergic reactions, does not have a technical smell, and its internal structure is not suitable for insect reproduction. In addition, cork flooring has an antistatic effect, so it does not concentrate dust on itself and is easy to wet and dry clean.

Which cork floors can you choose?

Cork floors differ in design and installation. Choose from cork flooring, wood-effect cork flooring, leather trim, or even photo-printed panels for your room. According to the fastening technology, a cork floor is separated for gluing and a * floating * cork floor: the installation of the latter differs in that the panels are not glued to the floor base but are connected to each other with a special lock. When choosing the installation method, you need to consult with a specialist who will help you choose the best option for your room.

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