Gym cork floors from European manufacturers

Many people have heard of cork trees. Which are capable of shedding bark once every few years, forming a new one. The discarded bark is a valuable material, the basis for creating a floor.


Why are gym cork floors prized in gyms and gyms?

This material is very abrasion resistant, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. High-quality gym cork floor are the optimal solution. Since they do not slip and evenly distribute the load of the human body. Manufacturers offer different color combinations: brown, yellow, amber or light, gray with a silvery sheen. The strips are tightly attached to each other, they are airtight, provide an optimal fit. This means that the surface, consisting of several components. Will look organically as a whole. That is, as a single smooth surface, ideal for sports activities.

Quality cork sports floors at affordable prices.

The issue of cost plays a significant role. Excellent gym cork floor suitable for any intensity of activity. They practice martial arts or yoga, dance, gymnastics. The surface feels warm, very pleasant regardless of the temperature and humidity of the environment. Unsurprisingly, gym cork works well when barefoot is involved. Thanks to the additional varnish treatment, the floors acquire a noble glossy or matt sheen.

Their service life is calculated in decades, including when operating in not the most favorable conditions. The original cork floors for the gym are quite thin, but strong, elastic, they maintain an optimal density, uniform texture throughout the entire service life. Even if some area is damaged, it will be possible to replace it without losing the aesthetics of appearance and valuable technical and operational characteristics.

Much depends on the quality of the floors themselves, that is, on the originality of the origin of the products, and on how much the manufacturer’s recommendations were followed directly during the installation and subsequent operation. Providing comfort in the gym with both socks and shoes, even barefoot, these cork floors will hold up to just about anything.

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