Floor covering is an important element of the room

It is impossible to imagine an apartment or house without a floor. The floor takes up a significant amount of space. And forms the visual perception of the room. However, the choice of flooring is not only a design component. In everyday life, comfort and practicality will depend on its quality. The floor surface is regularly exposed, aggressive effects.

Floor covering

Choice of flooring.

When giving preference to one or another floor covering, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the compliance with the specifics of the room in which it will be used. At first glance, this is an obvious question, but in practice there is a possibility of serious mistakes. In the kitchen or in the bathroom, increased requirements for moisture resistance will be imposed, and in the children’s room, care should be taken to ensure that the floor is pleasant to the touch and warm.

You should also carefully consider the choice of color. The surface of light shades will visually increase the space, but will require more effort when leaving. If we are talking about an apartment in a multi-story building, you should carefully consider the sound insulation that the floor covering will provide. Do not forget about the financial side of the issue. Manufacturers offer a variety of design solutions from natural and artificial materials in the widest range of prices.

Floor covering: what materials is it made of?

The flooring industry is growing rapidly. This segment offers an unlimited selection of products that differ in the type of material used in production, appearance and consumer qualities. The most common floor coverings at the moment are the following:

  • parquet;
  • laminate;
  • wooden floors;
  • vinyl panels;
  • roll carpet;
  • ceramic tile;
  • Cork;
  • bamboo floors.

Each of the above floor coverings has both advantages and disadvantages. Approach the choice based on your requirements and aesthetic preferences.

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