Floor covering for ecology of space. What should it be?

Many people wonder what the ideal flooring should be. In order to meet the many requirements. We are talking about environmental friendliness. The absence of third-party odors, the creation of a favorable indoor climate and aesthetic appeal. A high-quality flooring means naturalness, and the basis is, for example, wood.


The nuances of choosing a floor covering.

Wood is beyond competition. It can be not only wood itself, but also its individual parts, for example, bark. It is worth mentioning here the cork oak. Which grows in the south of Europe, mainly in Portugal. Such flooring will last for years. It is not afraid of abrasion, temperature rise, direct exposure to sunlight and other adverse external factors.

Any floor covering must be chemically neutral, hypoallergenic, easy to disinfect, clean, that is, any treatment. It should be comfortable to walk on in shoes or even barefoot, which means that you need to pay attention to the thermal conductivity indicators.

Other basic qualities of flooring.

The above requirements are far from the only ones. The floor surface should be perfectly flat, smooth, without scratches, microcracks. High-quality flooring does not allow mold, moss, fungi to multiply, that is, pathogenic microflora that negatively affects the microclimate in the room.

A variety of colors and shades are appreciated. These are mainly brown, gray tones, black, there are lighter or darker ones, with a reddish tint. Modern manufacturers offer dozens and even hundreds of different design options. Among other things, an elegant print is applied in the form of patterns, abstract motifs, and changing color shades. A really reliable high-quality floor covering will last for more than a dozen years. Yes, you will have to follow some recommendations regarding care, operation, but they will not scare zealous owners. It is necessary to protect the material from fire, prolonged contact with moisture. They do not tolerate floor coverings and exposure to piercing and cutting objects. In general, the care requirements are quite acceptable and standard.

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