Features, varieties, and advantages of cork floor

The modern range of flooring is amazing and one of the most popular types is cork flooring. Let’s try to understand its features, advantages, and varieties.

Varieties of cork floor

Floor cork has a traditional texture. But in addition to the classic version of the material, modern manufacturers provide the opportunity to purchase an analogue of various colors, which makes it possible to translate the most intricate design ideas into reality. This material is referred to as cork photofield. This is the best option for those people for whom the classic version of the flooring seems simple and uncommon. It is also possible to apply various wood veneers to the top layer, which will perfectly imitate oak, pine, alder, and other types of wood.


Original and high-quality cork parquet is characterized by the following range of advantages:
– Lightness, elasticity and resilience are determined by the structure of the material, which consists of pores filled with a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen.
– Unlike similar flooring, cork flooring is not so cold on the feet.
– If the neighbors downstairs constantly complain about the noise, then cork flooring will help solve the situation with its excellent soundproofing characteristics.
– Does not get damaged under heavy furniture stress, the structure of the material remains unchanged
The operating period of the material varies in the range from 15 to 20 years, which, when compared with other analogues, is considered an excellent quality. Cork flooring is a guarantee of durability, practicality, and style.

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