European cork floor tiles

The choice of finishing materials today is so great. That it can satisfy even the most demanding requirements. A worthy place among other analogs is occupied by cork. Which is created from the bark of a Sicilian oak bark. A special variety of oak is involved, which periodically sheds the old bark. Overgrowing with new, allowing people to create beautiful materials without harm to the environment.


Cork floor tiles

This particular option can be seen in residential and non-residential premises: apartments and offices, houses. And also, cork floor tiles are often found in medical and rehabilitation institutions, educational centers. This is due to its environmental friendliness. The ability to neutralize pathogenic microparticles in the atmosphere.

And also, thanks to processing, grinding, painting. The surface becomes very smooth, it does not attract dust. There are no micro-scratches in the structure. Since it is treated with protective compounds, covered with a thin layer of varnish. At the same time, the cork itself remains elastic, which also has a beneficial effect on human health. It is much easier and more pleasant to walk not on a hard surface, but on an elastic one that adapts to the anatomical features of a particular person’s foot.

Excellent cork flooring for the green connoisseur

You can choose from a wide variety of options. Such cork floor tiles will last for a long time, for decades. The material does not need any serious care, it is resistant to abrasion. If you act with a source of open fire, piercing-cutting objects and purposefully damage some area, then you will not have to dismantle the entire floor. It will be possible to accurately restore the damaged area, and visually it will be invisible.

High-quality cork floor tiles are also a good investment, which will have a beneficial effect on the value of the entire home. Eco-friendly finishing and building materials are known to increase its value. That is why cork floor tiles are often of interest to those owners of real estate objects who conduct pre-sale preparation in them. This is a very effective way to transform a room, make it cozy and of real quality.

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