Economical thermal insulation cork and its advantages

Modern building and finishing materials are chosen not only for their aesthetic appeal. But also for the level of sound and thermal insulation. It is important to create a calm environment in the room. That will allow you to relax gather your thoughts. That is why the heat-insulating cork, which is made from cork oak bark, is valued. The bark peels off the tree once every few years. Serving as an excellent raw material for creating panels and coatings of various kinds.

insulation cork
insulation cork

Cork with good thermal insulation properties

Thanks to these properties, it will be reasonable to place the cork in different rooms, including the living room, bedroom, even in the hallway. The warm flooring is pleasant to the touch, it does not exfoliate over time, it practically does not wear out. The thermal insulation cork is very quiet, it absorbs sounds, so you can run on it, you can play sports on it.

It adapts to the temperature in the rooms, being perceived by the skin as warmer or cooler. That is why, according to experts, it is inappropriate to place complex underfloor heating systems. Cork will always find a place in the kitchen. True, in places where a large amount of moisture is possible, you need to choose special types of cork. It must be processed, be protected from the effects of water.

What else is valued in a thermal insulation cork

They lend themselves well to coloring, imply environmental friendliness of production. If necessary, it is possible to periodically update the protective layer. Manufacturers apply varnish, which provides a pleasant glossy sheen. But if over time it wears out, then it will not be difficult to carefully apply a new layer. In this case, the floor will look like new. Wherever it is necessary to create a good microclimate in the room, there is a place for this material.

A good thermal insulation cork comes in different colors, density, elasticity varies. It all depends on the processing method. Someone prefers bright colors, printed or ornamented, while others prefer the most natural tones. One glance at the photo is enough to see how attractive this coating looks, organically fitting into the various styles of the house.

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