Eco-friendly and beautiful floor cork

Cork is a unique material that significantly differs from classic parquet, linoleum, laminate, tiles. It tends to be softer. Has better sound isolation properties as well as a higher price margin. However, this is also an eco-friendly choice, practical but completely different in nature. In the modern world, green-oriented design thinking tend to be a permanent trend. This floor made from the bark of a cork oak tree is very popular. There are some varieties of oak that regularly shed their bark. Renewing themselves in accordance with the natural cycle. People use bark to make environmentally friendly, practical finishing materials.


What is good about for flooring.

It has a porous structure, optimal elasticity, good performance in terms of resistance. These amazing tree varieties, which became the basis for design solutions. Grow in the Mediterranean region, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and some African countries. It is environmental friendliness that comes as a priority today, and cork for the floor meets all the criteria. Modern technologies process this material, press it, and give it the required shape. Painting, oiling, waxing, varnishing is practiced, and the result is an elegant floor covering that looks organic in any stylistic concept.

High-quality cork to give the floor the desired parameters

It gives the floor the necessary properties, making it even, with a pleasant temperature for human skin, and a smooth surface. Accordingly, you can walk barefoot or in your shoes, play sports. Quality cork for floors is well finished, it can withstand the impact of animal claws, furniture legs. Children can play on it, the surface is very pleasant.

Manufacturers offer different solutions, including a coating that can be dismantled and transported to a new home. And also, cork for floors has a beneficial effect on air quality, it neutralizes pathogenic microorganisms, making the general atmosphere of the house as a whole healthy. Color solutions are also impressive: light, dark, with drawings, prints, patterns or simply coated with a noble glossy matte varnish.

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