Decorative Types of Cork Surfaces

There are many types of cork surfaces that differ in texture. This variety is due to the different types of cork veneer. Used in the production of cork floor and wall tiles.

Decorative Types of Cork Surfaces

The cork veneer

The cork veneer is about 0.6 mm thick. And it is made from cork blocks formed from pieces of cork and granules in special chambers under the influence of temperature and pressure. The appearance of the future cork veneer. And hence your floor, will depend on the size and order in which the cork pieces and granules. Are loaded into the chamber to form the block.

Next, after the end of the block formation process (which lasts about 48 hours). It is taken out and laid down to let it rest. The block must spend at least 3 months in a resting state in order. To gain the necessary density and stability. Only then is it sent to a special cutting machine. That cuts thin sheets of the decorative veneer.

Next, the veneer is glued onto a high-density cork board made of cork granules. The resulting shield cools down for at least 72 hours, after which it is cut to the required size. Painted with at least three layers of varnish it is packed and stored in a package.

Сork blocks

The process of forming cork blocks, both for veneers and for obtaining granular cork tiles used at the base, takes place without the addition of any adhesives or special binder fluid. Instead, Suberin is responsible for the binding. It is of natural origin and is found in the bark of the cork Oak.

The complexity and needed time for this procedure allows for a creation of a completely unique structure, with its own color, shape, and texture. This is why every cork tile look different, just as a fingerprint of a human being. Fomentarino takes these properties to the next level by applying its decade-long experience and making cork more Italian than ever. Cork grows in the number of countries and is sold by many companies. Having said this, no one makes more Italian cork than Fomentarino. We can make sure of that yourself.

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