Сork tiles for the children’s rooms

For the floor in the child room, Fomentarino highly recommends its self-made glue-down cork tiles.

A lot of our lives have to do with having a family, procreation and of course, children which is often the greatest thing in our lives.

Сork tiles

We also consider that when building a home or renovating our apartment. We pick the materials for the children’s room with great care, making sure that they are naturally made, warm, soft and do not cause an allergic reaction.

Fomentarino cork tiles

Fomentarino cork tiles are made from the bark of the cork oak, grown in Sardinia. It is an ecologically sound material with a great number of advantages over other products, specifically:

  • It is a fully sustainable product: It makes no harmful emissions in your home.
  • Very warm and pleasant to the touch surface. Your child can play on it for hours and in any pose: Laying, sitting and standing.
  • Сork tiles is anti-static. It conducts almost no electricity, does not accumulate electricity and thus does not attract dust. This is the best option to avoid and protect against allergy.
  • Great soundproofing quality. Your apartment will be much quieter, when you children is playing all falling objects will be intact and the child will be safe and happy.
  • Сork tiles floor is not slippery: This is very important for a children’s room. We believe there is no need to explain why.

Variations of the Fomentarino’s glue-down floor:

Сork tiles with a width of 6mm with dimensions of:

  • 625mm x 310mm
  • 930mm x 123mm
  • 600mm x 600mm
  • 930mm x 600mm

Geometric shapes with a width of 6mm: Esagono, Esagono mini, Rombo and Freccia.

Сork tiles Decorative figures with 6mm and 4mm thickness:

  • bilancia;
  • stella;
  • modello marocchino;
  • vermi;
  • stella marina;

Furthermore, Fomentarino invites your child to participate in the design of the floor and walls in their room. The 4mm decorative shapes collection is available in the self-adhesion version. The process of application is extremely easy and fun. You child will love the fact of being able to create his own color and shape pattern and build the look of his own room! You will have to observe and slightly adjust his actions. This will allow him to gain valuable experience and gain a boost of self-confidence, which is very important for the formation of a personality.

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